Your Dots Diner Mardi Gras coupon

Hey y’all. It’s Carnival time with a bit of Super Bowl tossed in. New Orleans is all a buzz with everything going on these next few weeks. Who are you rooting for in the big game? Since our beloved Saints aren’t in it, I’m just rooting for a close game.

Hope you’re ready for parades this weekend. Back in the day, I used to meet friends on St. Charles near Peniston (a few blocks from Louisiana Ave.) Not really sure why we met there, but that was our “go to” place. Do you have a favorite spot along the route? Tell us on Facebook where you like to hang out for Mardi Gras.

Stop by and see me before or after the parades. Most of my diners are open 24 hours a day and you know I’ve got better food than anyone on those parade routes. I even have healthy options for those of you still true to your New Years resolution – sorry but my resolutions have already come and gone.
I got another question for you. What is your favorite Dots Diner location? Let me know by updating your email profile before this Sunday. If you do, I’ll send you a special treat next week – $5 in Dot Dollars. Yes, money with my picture on it. I may have never been President and got my face on a real dollar, but then again the President can’t give you Dot Dollars.

Love ya,
– Dot

PS – No worries if you’re still writing 2012 instead of 2013, it’s still early in the year.

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