TREAT yourself to this great deal…

Can y’all believe it’s October already? It’s going to be 2020 before we know it, and that actually sounds pretty cool!

I think October is such a great month. Football is in full swing, it starts feeling more like fall outside, the leaves start turning (at least on a few trees), and all of the Halloween fun begins. I’m a big fan of all of the parties, costumes, and especially the candy. Heehee! Do y’all love October, too? It just might be my favorite month. There’s always so much going in on New Orleans that it really is hard to pick just one thing to do.

Want to know something that’s not hard to like? Sharing my coupons with you! It makes me happy that we get to be online friends, and I just love helping you save a few dollars because that’s what friends do! In honor of one of my favorite months, I’ve got one of my favorite coupons. You’ll get 50% OFF ANY ONE ITEM from my Sandwich Shack, Burger Barn, or Chicken Coop when you buy a drink. Just print that coupon out and come on in for the savings. I’ll be waiting for you!

Love ya,

Celebrating 24 Years