Let the Good Times Roll…Save BIG at Dots!

Mardi Gras may be over, but with St. Patrick’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to just go green! Y’all know how we love to celebrate everything and St. Paddy’s Day is no different.

If you’ve ever been to one of the Irish parades in New Orleans, you know they offer up some unique throws…Irish Spring soap, Lucky Charms cereal, and lots and lots of cabbage. I always bring my gumbo pot when I go, so it’s easier to catch those cabbages and other veggies. Then all I have to do is add water and we’ve got soup for days!

Y’all know I’m only joking about serving you cabbage, but come in and l’ll fix you anything from my menu, just like you like it. And since I’m not your Mama, I won’t even make you eat all your vegetables. Heehee! If you’d like to try something that’s not on my regular menu, check out my daily specials online. They’re different at every location, and since they’re all made with love, every day is your lucky day…Irish or not!

Love ya,

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