It’s that time of the year…

I’m a gal who wears a smile on her face every day, but this time of year I’ve got a little extra spring in my step. Why? Because it’s football time!

Our boys have almost wrapped up the preseason, and I can just feel that this is our year. (I think last year might have been our year, too, but we’re not gonna talk about that.) There’s just something special about football season in New Orleans. It starts to get a little cooler (fingers crossed), you start hearing more “Who Dats” on the street, and the whole city is a sea of black and gold. And speaking of black and gold, do y’all have plenty of it to wear on Fridays and on game days? If you’re short a shirt or a hat, I know just the place to find what you need. Either go to my online store at or come into any of my real stores for some black and gold Dots gear. You can support two local “teams” with one purchase! (Heehee!)

I’d like to support you, too, by offering you a really great coupon. When you order a breakfast combo, platter, or omelet, you’ll get 50% OFF WITH THE PURCHASE OF A DRINK! All you have to do is bring this coupon in and enjoy the savings. Thanks for being such loyal customers my loves, and WHO DAT!

Love ya,

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