It may be HOT… but check out this COOL deal…

June is here, and I think it’s such a fun month! Yeah, it’s a little hot (ok, maybe very hot), but we’ve got Father’s Day, lots of weddings, playground baseball, vacations, and so many other great things to keep us busy here in New Orleans. I’m a big fan of June…and if you are too, let’s spend some of it together!

I bet Dad would love a “Home Cooked” meal for Father’s Day. You know, I can help you with that and you won’t even have to touch a pot or pan! If you’re in town visiting, or you have guests here from other cities and need a break, I’m your girl! Just leave the cooking to me while you catch up with family and friends.

As a special treat this month, I’m offering you one of my favorite coupons. When you order a breakfast combo, platter, or omelet, you’ll get 50% OFF with the purchase of a drink. Just print it out and bring this coupon in, and enjoy your summer savings. See y’all soon!

Love ya,

Celebrating 24 Years