Here’s Dots Diner lucky offer

It’s Monday again so why am I excited? I just love Mondays because that’s the day I get to talk with y’all (via email at least). You know I’m the chatty type – I’m sure you can see that. Well this week, I’ve included another sweet deal for you – get any of my Daily Lunch Specials for $4.99. This includes a hearty meal, a soft drink or coffee and a to go box (you’ll probably need it). All for less than $5. But there’s a catch, you gotta come in by this Friday and you can only use this coupon once; I still need to pay the light bill.

Speaking of getting to know you, the Dots favorite location contest was fun, but many of you still haven’t updated your profile. What’s your favorite meal here at Dots? When do you normally come in? When is your birthday? (That way we can celebrate together and I send you a gift.) Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone how old you are. Age is just a number anyway.
Now for some more bribery – it works on kids, so it just might work on you. I send extra deals to everyone that updates their profile. Don’t believe me? When you update your profile for the first time, I’ll send you a 50% off coupon. Plus, as a special treat, next week, I plan on sending an email to everyone that updates their profile as a thank you. I’m thinking Dots Dollars and if that’s not sweet enough, what is?

– Dot

PS – Don’t forget to get your green outfit ready for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s almost here and I pinch, no excuses.

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