Burger Barn

All sandwiches and burgers include your choice of either: french fries, mashed potatoes & gravy or today’s veggie.


For an additional .99, substitute sweet potato fries, cheese fries, hash browns, onion rings, or  house dinner salad.


Big Dotburger – $7.69 Our classic, 6 oz. burger stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, purple onion, pickles and American
Double Dot – $10.99 A double your meat, 3/4lb. version of our Big Dotburger
“Who Dot” Burger – $8.49 Our Big Dotburger with “Deuce” slices of bacon and covered in cheddar “Brees”
Alpine Dot – $8.49 Our Big Dotburger with grilled mushrooms, crisp bacon and melted Swiss
The Classic – $8.99 50’s style Big Dotburger topped with bacon, bbq sauce, & onion rings. 
Hot Dot – $9.99 A classic Big Dotburger topped with a Patton’s hot sausage patty.  Twice the cheese, meat and heat
Breakfast Burger – $9.99 An “Around the Clock” burger, dressed, featuring hash browns, bacon, American cheese and topped with a fried egg


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