Check out this New Menu Item…

Hurray for summer! In South Louisiana, that means hot and humid, but we get used to it. Or if we don’t, I’m not afraid to crank up the AC in all five of my stores, so when you come in, you will definitely beat the heat!

I’m a big fan of summer. It’s the perfect time for friends and families to hang out and swap stories. A lot of my favorite memories come from summer afternoons and evenings spent around the dinner table. There’s just something about sitting down together that brings out good conversation and laughter. I see this happen all the time at Dots. I know I’m not your mama, but I feel like y’all are part of my family, and it always brings a smile to my face. While I may not be your mama, I’m going to act like I am just for a second. Remember how your mama always wanted you to try new foods when you were a kid? Well, I’d love for you to try my newest menu item, liver and onions. I know some of you probably grew up eating it, and if you did, come in and see what you think of mine. And if you’ve never had it, now is your chance! Be brave and give it a shot. Heehee!

Whatever you choose to order, you can get it at a discount when you use the $5.00 DIP coupon I’m sending you. Just print it out and bring it with you when you come in and enjoy the savings. See y’all soon!

Love ya,

Celebrating 24 Years