Back To School Savings…

Is it really August already?

I’m just amazed at how quickly the summer months have flown by. The kiddos are heading back to school, and the college students will be on their way back soon, too. Before we know it, our Tigers and Green Wave will be will be kicking off their seasons… but I’m getting ahead of myself now. We still have these dog days of summer ahead of us, and even though they’re really hot, we can still enjoy them.

Speaking of dogs, did y’all know that Dots is a big supporter of the Humane Society? Each of my stores has a collection jar for donations to help out our four-legged friends. I’ll just speak for those cute, furry critters and say that every little bit is appreciated. It’s one of my favorite causes, and y’all have been so generous over the years, so thank you…and woof…and meow! Heehee!

I’ve got a little something for y’all today that I think you’ll enjoy. Because you’re such great customers, I’ve got this coupon for 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE CHECK. The more you spend… the more you save! It’s just my little way of saying thank you. Just print it on out and bring it in. I hope to see y’all with your coupon real soon.

Love ya,

Celebrating 24 Years