5 Area Locations….4 Open 24 Hours A Day!

Well, hey there! I was just thinking about my loyal customers and how lucky I’ve been to get to see so many of you eating at the Diner this month.
Most of y’all probably know that I’ve got FIVE LOCATIONS in the New Orleans area, but did you know that four of those stores are open 24-hours a day? Ochsner, Williams, Luling & River Ridge never close, so you can enjoy my home cooking anytime you want it, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Dots between midnight and sunrise? I see you out there…and I won’t even ask you what you’re doing out so late. Heehee! My menu is the same round-the-clock, and of course I’ve always got bottomless coffee.

I think my customers are just about the best people anywhere, and I appreciate your business, no matter what time of day you come by. As a little “thank you,” I’ve got a new coupon for you. Just print it out and bring it in, and you’ll get 50% OFF A BREAKFAST COMBO, PLATTER OR OMELET. Hope you’ll use that coupon soon…day or night!

Love ya,

Celebrating 20 Years