A Special Message from Dots Diner

Hey Darlin’,

Are you enjoying the new look of my website & email? I made it myself, well with some help from some friends.

Next time you come by, tell me or one of my waitresses how much you like it. As promised, I still have another great deal for you at the bottom – this one is a special 20% off your entire check.

French Quarter Fest

French Quarter Fest is this weekend. I love all that music, but I know how expensive all that food can get. Stop by and let Dot here take care of you Darlin’.

You know I give you the biggest portions for a big value. I’ll even cook you up some breakfast when the sun goes down. See our breakfast menu, which I serve all day, on our new website at DotsDiner.com .

Stay in Touch with Your Mama.

Don’t forget to call your mother, she misses you. I’m not your mama, but I want to hear from you too. I got us on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll let you know some of our specials and I even give special deals to my online community that I don’t tell anyone else. Bet you didn’t know that.

Also, while you’re here, tell your friends. You can check in on FourSquare and Facebook. I even set up free Wifi at all of our 24/7 locations. Yep, Dots Diner has Wifi!

~ Dot ~

Celebrating 24 Years